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Honoring CX Innovation and Leadership

At the CX Transformation Excellence Awards, we extend an exclusive invitation to join us on a voyage of celebrating ingenuity, imagination, and extraordinary accomplishments in the continually evolving landscape of Customer Experience (CX). Our meticulously crafted strategy guarantees a seamless journey, characterized by transparent evaluation and a remarkable awards gala.

With our distinguished panel of judges, comprising seasoned analysts, practitioners, and consultants, we aim to navigate through an extensive array of over 100 exceptional entries. We meticulously identify the most deserving winners, highlighting CX solutions that represent the pinnacle of innovation and the individuals who transform these visions into reality. The CX Transformation Excellence Awards spotlight the absolute best innovators within the industry, showcasing their remarkable contributions.

Award Categories

The CX Transformation Excellence Awards consist of 17 categories, each celebrating a specific aspect of CX excellence. Each company can enter up to 5 categories. You can access our Registration page to sign up. Good luck!

Best Digital CX Strategy

This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated excellence in leveraging digital channels and technologies to deliver seamless, personalized, and engaging customer experiences. Nominees will showcase innovative approaches in utilizing digital platforms, data analytics, AI, and automation to enhance customer interactions, drive satisfaction, and achieve business objectives.

Best User Experience

This category celebrates companies that prioritize user-centric design and deliver exceptional experiences across all touchpoints, including websites, mobile apps, products, and services. Nominations will highlight intuitive interfaces, streamlined processes, accessibility, and usability, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

CX Team of the Year

The CX Team of the Year award honors outstanding teams that have collaborated effectively to drive significant improvements in customer experience metrics and outcomes. Nominated teams will demonstrate exceptional teamwork, communication, innovation, and dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences across the organization.

CX Leader of the Year

This prestigious award recognizes visionary leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic vision, and innovation in championing customer experience initiatives within their organizations. Nominees will have a proven track record of inspiring teams, driving cultural change, and delivering tangible results that positively impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business performance.

Best Employee Experience Strategy

This award celebrates organizations that prioritize employee engagement, satisfaction, and development as integral components of their customer experience strategy. Nominees will showcase innovative programs, practices, and initiatives aimed at creating a supportive, inclusive, and empowering work environment that enables employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Best Contact Center

The Best Contact Center award recognizes excellence in customer service delivery through contact centers, whether in-house or outsourced. Nominees will demonstrate outstanding performance in areas such as agent training, technology utilization, responsiveness, resolution times, and customer satisfaction scores, resulting in exceptional service experiences for customers across various channels

Best Innovation In CX

This award recognizes groundbreaking innovations that have significantly enhanced the overall customer experience. Nominated innovations should demonstrate creativity, effectiveness, and tangible benefits for customers, such as new technologies, processes, or strategies that have revolutionized customer interactions and satisfaction.

Innovative CX Product

Celebrating products or services that have demonstrated exceptional innovation in improving the customer experience. Nominations should showcase how the product or service addresses specific customer needs or pain points, delivers unique value, and contributes to overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Excellence in Citizen Experience

Acknowledging government agencies or organizations that have demonstrated excellence in delivering seamless, accessible, and citizen-centric experiences. Nominations should highlight initiatives, programs, or services that prioritize citizen needs, improve accessibility, and enhance satisfaction and engagement with public services.

Best Customer Centric Culture

Recognizing organizations that have fostered a culture of customer-centricity across all levels. Nominations should showcase how the organization prioritizes customer needs, empowers employees to deliver exceptional experiences, and embeds customer-centric values into its corporate culture, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best VOC

Acknowledging organizations with outstanding practices in capturing, analyzing, and leveraging customer feedback. Nominations should demonstrate how the organization collects feedback from various channels, uses data analytics to gain insights, and takes proactive measures to address customer concerns and improve the overall customer experience.

Best Customer Feedback Management

Celebrating organizations with exceptional strategies and tools for managing customer feedback effectively. Nominations should showcase how the organization collects, analyzes, and acts upon customer feedback to drive continuous improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster customer loyalty.

Best CX Learning & Development Strategy

Honoring organizations with innovative approaches to training and development that empower employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Nominations should highlight programs, initiatives, or resources that provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools hey need to deliver outstanding customer service and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best social media – Campaign & Initiative

Highlighting companies that have executed outstanding social media campaigns or initiatives to engage customers, build brand loyalty, and enhance the overall customer experience. Nominations should showcase creativity, effectiveness, and measurable impact in leveraging social media to connect with customers, address their needs, and create meaningful interactions.

Best Customer Onboarding Strategy

Recognizing organizations with exceptional strategies for onboarding new customers and setting the stage for a positive and successful customer journey. Nominations should highlight processes, resources, or initiatives that effectively welcome and orient new customers, address their needs, and ensure a smooth transition into the product or service.

Best Customer Churn & Retention Strategy

Celebrating organizations with effective strategies for reducing customer churn and increasing retention. Nominations should showcase initiatives, programs, or approaches that identify and address factors contributing to customer churn, build customer loyalty, and drive long-term customer relationships.

Best CX Inclusivity Strategy

Honoring organizations that have implemented inclusive practices and initiatives to ensure accessibility, diversity, and equity in their customer experience offerings. Nominations should demonstrate how the organization promotes inclusivity, addresses the needs of diverse customer groups, and creates an environment where all customers feel valued and respected.


Hussein Dajani


Deloitte Digital

Zubair Al Junaidi


Ajman Contact Center

Hazem El Zayat

Chief Digital Officer

Ogilvy MENA, UAE

Faran Niaz

CEO and Founder

CX Future

Bilge Ozkan

Head of Business and Customer Experience

Worley, UAE

James Muiruri, CXS., PXS

Assistant Vice President - Patient Experience

LifeCare Hospitals

Lynet Owuor- Okoth

Head of Customer Experience Department

National Bank of Kenya

Gitanjali Parida

Director - Transformation, Customer Experience and Asset Profitability

Telkom Kenya

Application Process

Download the application form

Download the application form and fill in the essential question. You are allowed to participate in multiple categories.


The Judges will review your submissions and you will be informed on the progress of your submission

Winners Announcement and Award Ceremony

Attend the Awards Ceremony to honour the best in CX transformation.


Call For Nomination


Last Date for nomination


Judging Process Start


Judging Process End


Compilation of Results


Awards & Gala Dinner Night



How Many Applications Can Be Submitted By One Organisation?

An organization has the opportunity to submit one application for each of the twelve categories, allowing for a maximum of 18 applications in total. The review process for each category will be conducted independently by our panel of judges, ensuring a thorough evaluation for each submission.

Where do I submit my application?

You may submit your submissions through our website

What other additional documents do I need to submit?

Applications must be submitted through the online portal. You have the option to include supporting documents such as graphs, charts, illustrations, and videos. Include the direct link to the video in your entry submission document. If you choose to password-protect the video, be sure to include the access password in your document.

Is there any cost involved for awards submission?

Yes, there is a cost per submission. Please refer to our website for prices.

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