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Future of Customer Experience

Singapore has been in forefront when it comes to Customer Experience. Forrester’s Singapore CX Index benchmarks the CX quality of financial services brands across automotive/home insurance and banking industries. In addition, digital transformation in the last two years have further shaped customer experience. This also means brands in singapore need to cultivate new and unique experiences to keep customers captivated and attracted. Which is why CX Transformation Summit aims to discuss the newer challenges faced by organizations today and years to come.

Under this years theme “CX Horizons: Discover, Transform, succeed” we emphasize the journey of organizations as they explore new frontiers in Customer Experience (CX). CX Transformation Summit continuous quest to discover fresh insights, transform strategies, and ultimately achieve success in the realm of CX. This theme underscores the importance of innovation, adaptation, and excellence in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Learn more about forward-thinking strategies and provides a platform to explore cutting-edge CX trends and best practices for achieving business success.

CX Transformation Summit is a global CX focused event meant for organization leaders striving to create a customer first organization. This summit is designed to help organizations turn their CX challenges into opportunities. Meet and get in depth insights from the top CX experts, digital transformation professional and CX innovators from the region.

Meet the Speakers

Hussein Dajani


Deloitte Digital

Zubair Al Junaidi


Ajman Contact Center

Hazem El Zayat

Chief Digital Officer

Ogilvy MENA, UAE

Faran Niaz

CEO and Founder

CX Future

Bilge Ozkan

Head of Business and Customer Experience

Worley, UAE

James Muiruri

CXS™️ | Assistant Vice President – Patient Experience

LifeCare Kenya

Lynet Owuor- Okoth

Head of Customer Experience Department

National Bank of Kenya

Gitanjali Parida

Director - Transformation, Customer Experience and Asset Profitability

Telkom Kenya

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CX leaders from around the world.

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Customer Experience

Cultivating Customer-Centric Excellence

Harnessing Cutting-Edge CX Technologies and AI Innovations

Elevating Employee Engagement for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Harmonizing the Interaction Between Humans and Technology in Customer Experience (CX)

Leveraging Brand Experience as a Catalyst for Business Growth

Crafting a Seamless Omni-Channel Customer Experience

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