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Report22 Sept 2023

CX Transformation Summit - Nairobi, Kenya 2023

- Post Event Report

The 14th Global edition of the CX Transformation Summit took place in Kenya on 21 June 2023, drawing in more than 150 attendees and achieving remarkable success. It marked the largest CX Gathering ever held in Kenya and centered around the theme of “CX Deep Dive,” exploring organizational culture and its role in delivering exceptional customer experiences and journeys. The summit offered highly informative discussions, engaging, presenting powerful insights and facts while covering diverse industries and verticals where CX strategies are applied.

The event not only featured engaging discussions but also included presentations, use-case studies, and round table discussions by prominent CX Professionals. The event would not have been a success without our partners and sponsors namely Lead Sponsor Genesys, Gold Sponsor - Zoho, Strategic CX Partner - Exotel, Conversation Experience Cloud Partner - Infobip and Bronze Partner - Gupshup who also showcased their latest solutions, all tailored to assist businesses and organizations in elevating their customer experiences to new heights.

Overall, the CX Transformation Summit proved to be a triumph, providing attendees with valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies in Customer Experience. The positive feedback from participants and the robust social media engagement underscored the conference’s warm reception and its ability to deliver impactful knowledge in the realm of CX.

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